Why ship with?

PickMyLoad offers a hassle-free option for users to ship their goods, no matter what size, from point A to point B. We provide you with a platform to engage with drivers/owners of a wide range of commercial vehicles, and allow you to track the delivery in real-time through your smartphone. Once the delivery is done you will be given a detailed receipt and the option to pay the fee at the touch of a button.

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Easy & Fast Booking

PickMyLoad puts you in touch with carriers within a few seconds.

Transparent Pricing

PickMyLoad‘s rates are always displayed to ensure that Shippers know what they are paying for.

Real-time Tracking

Shippers can track the real-time location of their packages through their Android/IOS smartphone.

Diverse fleet

PickMyLoad offers shippers a wide selection of vehicles to cater to their specific requirements, from tuks all the way to prime movers.

Instant Pay

With instant pay you don’t have to worry about carrying cash, just pay the calculated amount on your screen at the touch of a button.

Driver Rating System

You can select drivers based on previous shippers’ experiences.


PickMyLoad is focused on giving shippers the most efficient and effective platform to engage in deliveries. This is why we incorporate instant cashless payment; you can pay drivers using your credit card or debit card at the touch of a button.

You will only have to pay the amount displayed on your receipt at all times.

Rating a driver

PickMyLoad offers shippers the opportunity to rate their driver and service after the delivery has been completed. This rating system allows PickMyLoad and other users to have access to the best service and most respectful drivers at all times.

Ratings are reported as averages and neither party will be able to see ratings for individual deliveries.


For ease of mind, PickMyLoad covers toll/expressway charges within the delivery fee. However, labour charges are not covered at this moment.

All users of PickMyLoad have to be 18 or older.

Rating the driver will enable PickMyLoad to ensure that all shippers, have access to the most respectable drivers, based on their experiences, for future deliveries.

TUK Can use upto 400 kg SMALL TRUCKS Can use upto 1000 kg PICK UP Can use upto 1500 kg TRUCK Can use upto 3000 kg PRIME MOVER Can use over 40200 kg

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