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Why drive with PickMyLoad?

PickMyLoad’s platform ensures that drivers and/or owners of commercial vehicles have the quickest access to potential delivery clients at all times. We look to provide you with a hassle-free way of getting delivery jobs on the fly, whilst ensuring that you receive your payments on time. So whether you just bought your first tuk or 4th lorry, why not sign up and enjoy PickMyLoad?

Hassle-free payment

Drivers don’t have to worry about collecting payments, PickMyLoad ensures drivers receive payments directly to their accounts.

Work on your own schedule

PickMyLoad isn’t an 8 to 5, drivers can work on their own schedule, whenever, wherever.

Reduced waiting time

Receive shipment bookings at anytime through the dedicated driver’s app.

Shipper rating system

You can rate how you found each shipment to ensure that drivers have access to the best shippers and deliveries.

How to start delivering

Drivers will be required to fill in the above form or (come to the PickMyLoad office at 65, Jethawana Road, Colombo 14). You will have to bring the required documentation for driver and vehicle registration, and on-boarding. For more information regarding documentation, see the Help section.

Don’t worry, it’s all free of charge!

Once the registration process is done, you can download the Driver app and start taking delivery orders!


For ease of use, PickMyLoad allows delivery fees to be electronically processed and directly deposited to driver accounts at the end of each week. Drivers will be able to track their delivery payments on the Driver app.

Drivers will receive the Driver fee. This is the total fee minus PickMyLoad’s commission fee.

Rating a shipper

At the end of each delivery, drivers are given the opportunity to rate the shipper based on his/her experience. This is to ensure that the drivers have access to the most respectful shippers at all times.

Ratings are reported as averages and neither party will be able to see their ratings for individual deliveries.


Unfortunately, yes. PickMyLoad works only on Android phones and iPhone.

You will be required to provide a bank account number for driver fees to be directly deposited into. At the end of each delivery, both you and the shipper will receive a digital receipt indicating the total delivery fee, if required, additional charges can be added prior to confirming a delivery.

Yes, the Driver app has a section where you can look at all previous deliveries, with detailed receipts.

TUK Can use upto 400 kg SMALL TRUCKS Can use upto 1000 kg PICK UP Can use upto 1500 kg TRUCK Can use upto 3000 kg PRIME MOVER Can use over 40200 kg

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